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North Bangalore's Hidden Gem: Reasons to Invest in Doddaballapur
23 Oct

North Bangalore's Hidden Gem: Reasons to Invest in Doddaballapur

While running around the clock all day, we look for a corner to escape from all this hustle especially if you are bound to a tier 1 city like Bangalore.  As the show must go on, we cannot run far from the stage, but what if we tell you your next weekend address can be just a 1-hour drive away from the city? We are talking about the hidden gem of North Bangalore; Doddaballapur

 A Sneak-Peak of the Landscape

Doddaballapur, a charming town in Karnataka, India, blends nature's beauty with rural life. Being close to Bangalore, it's known for picturesque fields, rolling hills, serene lakes, and lush greenery. Coconut groves and mango orchards provide shade, and the region offers delicious local produce. Doddaballapur is a hidden gem for a peaceful escape from urban life.

What Makes Doddaballapur A Booming Investment?

Doddaballapur's strategic location just 1-hour drive from north of Bangalore, one of India's most vibrant and economically booming cities, has propelled its popularity among both homebuyers and investors in recent years because of its location and affordability. Several key factors contribute to this growing interest in the plotted developments in Doddaballapur:

Flawless Connectivity

Real estate investment depends on how easily the place is accessible when it comes to commuting. Doddaballapur is linked to Bangalore via the 11-kilometer-long Doddaballapur Road. Within a 10-kilometer radius of this route, popular localities such as Yelahanka and Yelahanka New Town have emerged. 


Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya announced on Saturday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be invited to inaugurate two key sections of the 280 km Satellite Town Ring Road (STRR) in November this year. Surya revealed this after inspecting the progress of the initial and secondary segments of the STRR, which pass through Dabaspet, Doddaballapur, and Hoskote. He also confirmed that around 38 km of the six-lane Doddaballapur-Hoskote stretch and 42 km of the four-lane Dabaspet-Doddaballapur stretch are nearing completion. 

Entertainment Points

Doddaballapur has Bren Raceway, an FIA Grade 2 Racetrack, which is currently in development by Bren Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Scheduled for completion in 2024, this 4.2 km racetrack boasts 19 challenging corners and will provide cutting-edge facilities, positioning it as a magnet for international motorsport events, driver training, and advanced research.

Doddaballapur provides a tranquil retreat with convenient access to upscale spas and resorts such as Angsana Oasis Spa And Resort, renowned for its rejuvenating services. Additionally, nearby attractions include the JW Marriott Bengaluru Prestige Golfshire Resort & Spa and Phoenix Mall Of Asia, offering entertainment options. Furthermore, Doddaballapur boasts excellent connectivity to Nandi Hills, known for its scenic beauty, captivating sunsets, and romantic ambience.

Infrastructure Developments

Doddaballapur Road is host to various professional colleges and international schools. The vicinity boasts a range of educational institutions, including engineering, medical, and other colleges. Many students attending these colleges opt to reside nearby due to the convenience it offers for commuting. So the real estate demand in the locality for home owning and renting is spiking up and is likely to increase more in the coming year. 


Another key factor is the density of an area. Doddaballapur's density, indicated by sub-district code 05602 in the 2011 census, is influenced by its 797 km² area, comprising 781.57 km² of rural and 15.43 km² of urban spaces. The population totals 299,594, with 101,048 in the city and 198,546 in the countryside. The population density is 376 people per square kilometre, with 71,158 dwellings (24,510 urban and 46,648 rural).

Ending Note

In summary, Doddaballapur's strategic development, coupled with excellent connectivity, affordability, modern infrastructure, and green surroundings, has made it an increasingly attractive destination for home buyers and investors seeking a well-rounded lifestyle. This rising popularity underscores the town's potential for sustained growth and prosperity in the real estate market. So if you want to spend your weekends tasting wine tailored to your taste from the local vineyard while sitting in your luxurious estate villa, then this is your market.